Painting to Remember/Forget


I live on the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta

Today my BFF called to tell me her mother just passed away.  Florence was 85, and I loved her like a mom.  She kept me as a child while my own mother worked.  Florence was a silly, smiley, fun-loving person who never learned to drive.  Several years ago, she came to my own fathers’ funeral.  Florence was wearing one of her hand made dresses, her hair still dark  and of course, as always,  she looked stunning.  Then she had a stroke, and the Florence I knew passed in the night.  Just like my father after his stroke.  Just like my brother, age 57, who passed in November, 2010.

So what is the connection to Florence, my dad, my brother, and  this picture on the left?  When I paint, I go into my right brain and I forget, and I remember.  Crazy thoughts.  Crazy time passes.  This is one of those scenes that I remember painting while listening to zen music with an Indian drum beat.  I can’t describe what I feel in words, and so I have to paint.  Painting is a song without words.  No need for words.  You FEEL the words.  If I didn’t paint, I would be  alcoholic.  So this is why I teach painting.  To help others enter this zone.  This zone where you are totally relaxed.  You don’t enter it at first…too many rules to remember while painting.  Remember, there are all those elements and principles of design.  Yes, these elements and principles are important.   But first things first.  First, just paint.  Feel the brushstrokes.  Listen to your FAV music while you paint.  Paint to Remember, and then paint to forget….

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