Happiness Experiment. It Worked!! I am happy. Now on to new research:)

My happiness experiment lasted two weeks. I discovered that to be happy, I needed to make time to do my art, which is what I Never MAKE TIME FOR:0 It seems there is always kid stuff to do, house to clean, errands to run, etc. but for the past month, I have made art FIRST, then other stuff second. My kids are grown, and you would think I wouldn’t have guilt putting them first, but oh no….still mother GUILT….but this time, I gave myself an hour to paint, post my stuff at etsy.com/shop/JIllyWillyArt and voila, I sold paintings, and my beach stuff, and still had time to do stuff for my kids, husband, and even clean the house.

I LOVE being over 50….I just heard it is the first day of school in Gwinnett County near me in Atlanta. Poor folks, there is the bus to get up for, kids to dress, etc. etc. Instead, my husband and I will eat cereal in bed (we take turns bringing breakfast to each other:) HIs turn tomorrow:o….then, I will paint an hour, then clean house, run errands, etc. But First, PAINT:) Love the results of my happiness experiment.

It might be different results for you. Do your own experiment. What makes you happy??? Are you making time for it??? If not,what are you waiting for??? There is time for sleeping in the grave (Ralph Waldo Emerson). I would love to hear your comments:) xxoo

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