How I am going to help myself with Empty Nest Syndrome

I have been teaching art workshops for the past 15 years, and during my art workshops, we sometimes talk about things going on in our lives.  Missing our children is a common topic.  I really don’t want to be one of these mothers that whine that her children never visit or spend time with her, so I am trying to continue my life, even though, I really, really, really miss my role as a mom.

My husband and I recently tried downsizing and now we have a really small place and I think that has added to my feeling that my world is changing.  So, what can I do to help myself over this funk?  Certainly there are a lot worse problems than missing your kids.  So here is what I have decided I need to do for myself.  Let me know if you have suggestions.

1.  My job is flexible, so while my kids were in school, I used my free time to go to booster clubs, cook, clean, you know the mom stuff.  I have to give myself permission to exercise now, go to the gym, walk, ride my bike.  I should not feel guilty for this extra time.

2. Stop talking about missing my kids, and the fact my 88 year old mother now lives with me.  Nobody wants to hear me whine about this, so I need to just stop.

3.  I need to paint, paint, paint.  This is my passion and I have turned it into a job, so I need to get busy and make a schedule.

4.  I also have been  selling real estate since 1978, and need to schedule some classes to be more professional in this profession.

5.  Quit comparing myself to younger mothers.  I am not interested in going back in time, and I need to stay positive and be an uplifting person to younger people.

6.  Relax, enjoy, stop and smell and then paint the roses.

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