Life on the Water

Just got back from Nassau

It is warm down south!!


I just got back from a cruise to the Caribbean!!  Now I want to live there.  Everywhere I visit on the water, I want to live there…I love, love, love being on the water.  Why???  I don’t really like to swim, or scuba….I just LOVE painting pics of the water….check out my fabric painting…most of the background is water.  Yes, I am Pisces…my bday is Feb. 23…coming up soon……maybe there is something to that H thing….who knows???


I just went tag surfing for the first time…wow, there are some weird blogs out there….people are just putting whatever pops in their head.  So I am going to be less critical.  I just wrote my first E-book on fabric painting.  Now, to figure out how to put a cart on my site so people can buy it.  Gotta go and fix some dinner…always something getting in the way of my blogging and painting!!

One comment

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere. I appreciated your comment. That is the best way to find readers-read other blogs and comment. We will usually come and visit you, and leave a comment here and there.
    I love the water, too!

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